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Loveleena Tetarbe Spicy Glamour Shoot — Loveleena Tetarbe is a new bollywood actress who has appeared in couple of Bollywood movies. She started her bollywood career from movie “Mr. Khujli” in 2006. Loveleen is a natural in front of the camera having done TVCs for Kohinoor Basmati Rice and Durian. She has done several jewellery and fashion shows. She has also done Punjabi music videos. She loves traveling and has traveled across the length and breadth of the country on work. Talking about her impending Bollywood debut, Loveleen says, "I have very high ambitions and aspirations and want to do extreme bold roles. I am willing to expose but wants my roles to be performance oriented. I can carry off a traditional looks as well as Gen-Next fashionable modern look."

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